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After many years of academic research and teaching, upon my retirement, I have decided to make all my studies and publications available to those who are interested in the various subjects I studied over the years. Besides my publications (both in Hebrew and English) I have added a number of texts, which may be of assistance to academic students, such as a Guide to Academic Writing or a Dictionary of Israeli’s Women Artists (Hebrew version) – a work in progress. Furthermore, I intend to publish a number of lectures that I had presented on various occasions (including visual presentations), like Futurist Performance, which is already included here (Hebrew version). More lectures will be added in the future.

A few words about me: After studying Interior Design in the Tel-Aviv branch of the Technion I finished my BA degree in Stage Design in the History of Theater Dept. in Tel-Aviv University, and for a time I worked in the field of scenography and lighting design. Among others, I designed the Sound and Light performance in Massada. At the same time I continue my academic studies and finished my MA and PhD degrees in History of Art Dept. at Tel-Aviv University.

In 1976 I began my teaching career and among others, I taught at Talpiot Seminar, Bezalel Academy of Arts, Tel-Aviv Academic College and at Camera Obscura, where I also coordinated the theoretical studies. Most of my academic activity, however, was in Tel-Aviv University: I served as a lecturer both at the departments of History of Theatre and History of Art; I took part in the establishment of the Multidisciplinary Program in the Arts, wherein I served as an advisor as well as a lecturer. I also took part in the founding of the Program of Women’s and Gender Studies, wherein I served as lecturer and member of the Teaching Committee.

I specialize in various fields of modern and contemporary art (from late 18th to late 20th century) including painting, sculpture, design and architecture, women’s art and gender. My academic approach is multidisciplinary, combining historical, psychological and social developments in the arts.

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Ruth Markus



* Photo: © Daniel Chechik